A boat’s speed is measured in knots and the distance is measured in nautical miles.  A knot is one nautical mile per hour.  This measures the speed on the water, with one knot equal to one nautical mile per hour.  Nautical miles are the official unit of measurement, recognized worldwide, for both sea and air navigation.  When you are looking to charter a luxury yacht, one of the specifications that you will see listed is the boat’s speed, measured in knots.  This is important if you are looking to cover a great distance, whether from destination to destination or to different docking ports.  The higher the knots, the faster the boat and the more distance that can be covered in a short amount of time.

Reduced Travel Time a Trade Off for Increased Fuel Consumption on a Luxury Yacht

The size of your yacht can greatly impact the speed at which it can travel, with larger yachts often traveling at slower speeds than their smaller counterparts.  These smaller yachts can travel at a higher speed, while still maintaining fuel-efficiency.  Larger yachts with higher speeds are often less fuel efficient, as the motor must work even harder to move the larger yacht from destination to destination.  Despite this, if your party and guests call for a larger yacht you should not hesitate to charter the size that works for your party.  While you may travel at a slower speed, guests will still be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and ocean breeze throughout the entirety of the trip.

Factors that Can Influence a Yacht Charter’s Speed

Weather is a big consideration when determining how long it will take you to reach your destination onboard a yacht charter.  Favorable winds can help to move, even power yachts, along the ocean, while a wind that is working against you may impact the speed that your boat can travel at.  These weather patterns will often change with the season, with calmer sea conditions and wind strength changing during certain times of year.  An experienced captain can help to determine the time that it will take to reach your destination based on the conditions and the yacht that is being handled.

Planning with a yacht charter can help you to determine a realistic itinerary for your trip, taking into consideration the boat’s speed and the weather at hand.  This can give you the best chance of arriving on schedule.