When you think about chartering a yacht the first thing that comes to mind when deciding what size boat is probably the length.  Measured in feet, the length of a yacht can tell you a lot about the size of the vessel.  However, even more important than this are the onboard accommodations.  Considering how many guests you will have onboard and the length of your stay, you will want to make sure the living quarters and sleeping accommodations are adequate for your event.  When looking at the specifications of a potential yacht charter, you can see the number of guests that the boat is allowed.  This will give you a good idea whether this will be the best size for your party.

How is a Yacht Measured

Length Overall (LOA) is the most common measurement for yacht length.  This measurement is taken from the aftmost tip of the hull to the furthermost point of the stem, measured in feet.  To be accurate, this length is taken parallel with the waterline.  Any extensions on the boat, including bowsprits, rudders, outboard motors, and motor brackets are not included in this measurement.

Focus on the Internal Space When Choosing a Yacht Charter

Even more important to those chartering a luxury yacht than the LOA of the boat is how spacious the guest areas.  From the living quarters and dining area to sleeping cabins, you will want to make sure the boat is large enough that your guests don’t feel cramped or confined during their time onboard.  Most luxury yachts are designed in a way to maximize this area, making the yacht feel open and spacious.

When chartering a luxury yacht, be sure to follow the boat’s specifications for the number of guests allowed.  This will ensure that you have enough space for your party, while not being wasteful by chartering a boat that is too large for your needs.  A charter company can help you to find just the right fit for your guests and your time at sea.