Most often yachts are owned exclusively for personal use.  Luxury yachts, often available for commercial charter, offer a much larger guest area for entertainment and relaxing on board.  Yachts that are 80’ or longer are considered luxury yachts.  If the boat’s size extends beyond 148’, this is classified as a superyacht or megayacht.  One of the differences between a boat and a yacht is that yachts, whether luxury or otherwise, often have cabins that are designated for overnight use.

When to Choose a Luxury Yacht for Your Trip

If a main part of your trip will be focusing on comfort while at sea and amenities are important to you, a luxury yacht may be the best choice.  Luxury yachts, available through commercial charter, are often equipped with spacious living areas and sleeping quarters to accommodate their guests.  While the size of the vessel may designate it as a yacht, the true luxury comes from the onboard accommodations.  Luxury yachts tend to focus more on the comfort of their guests than traditional yachts, with plenty of space.

Luxury yachts also focus more on the onboard amenities than what you will see with a traditional yacht. These amenities may include advanced sound and entertainment systems, a dance floor, deck-side Jacuzzi, and plenty of water toys for the guests to use during their time onboard.  While yachts can certainly have plenty of amenities aboard a private yacht, luxury yachts focus heavily on the comfort and entertainment of those setting sail aboard.

Superyacht and Megayacht, Understanding the Difference

What designates a boat as a superyacht is based solely on its size.  Exceeding 80’, superyachts are extremely large making them true standouts.  While this 80’ length isn’t set in stone to designate a superyacht, they are big boats with plenty of space and luxuries for guests to enjoy.  There is now a new category in these extra large boats, megayachts.  Typically exceeding 200’ in length, megayachts are the largest in the yacht world.  These superyachts and megayachts are great for large celebrations, such as a wedding or milestone birthday.

At Cruzan Yacht Charters we offer a variety of water vessels, from smaller yachts to luxury and superyachts, making sure there is a perfect boat for your adventure.