If your luxury yacht charter will be traveling out of the country, it is important to make sure that you and all your guests have a valid passport with you onboard.  This is required for those traveling out of the country, including to the Bahamas and British Virgin Islands.  Regardless of whether you are planning to dock outside of the United States, you should carry your passport.  This will give you the freedom to tour the area without restrictions.

Be sure that your passport and those of everyone traveling with you will not expire during your time away.  The passport’s expiration date must be later than your anticipated return to the United States.  Even babies and young children are required to have a valid passport for traveling into international waters aboard a private yacht.

Checklist of Documents for Your Luxury Yacht Charter

Besides a passport, if you are a citizen outside of the United States and are required to have a visa, you should bring this documentation with you aboard your yacht charter.  You should also bring a copy of your driver’s license as a second form of identification.  A copy of your itinerary should be brought onboard your yacht charter.  It is also advisable to bring your health insurance information and other insurance in the event of an emergency during your travels.

These documents should be kept in a safe place during your time onboard.  You may also want to make copies of this documentation so that you have this in the unlikely event that your documentation is missing.

United States citizens that are traveling by sea may be required to show their passport to reenter the country.  If your private charter docks and you enter another country, such as the Bahamas or BVIs, you will need your passport to go through customs and immigration.  By making sure you and all your guests have this necessary documentation, you can prevent any administrative problems during your luxury yacht charter.