A hull refers to the watertight body of the ship.  Monohull vessels are classic sailing boats, typically triangular in shape.  Multihull boats are also referred to as catamarans.  These most commonly have two hulls but can also have three.  Three hulled boats are referred to as trimarans.  Catamarans are a less traditional sailing vessel that have risen in popularity over the past decade.  These monohull sailing vessels offer additional living space and quarters, less buoyancy and a more stable sailing experience.  This has made these boats a popular option for those looking for a comfortable sailing charter.

The Advantages of Chartering a Catamaran

For extended trips, a catamaran offers more spacious living quarters for guests.  Multihull boats are less likely to be unstable during strong winds, whereas monohulls can be more unsteady and heel to one side.  With an easier sailing experience aboard a catamaran, you and your guests can sit back and relax more than you would when navigating a multihull.  Besides being spacious, the main living spaces of a catamaran, including the kitchen, saloon, bedrooms, and toilets, are located above the waterline.  This offers the best views aboard the boat, and the open floor plan meaning that there isn’t a bad seat on the vessel.  If comfort is the most important thing when choosing a sailing charter, you will likely want to go with a catamaran.

Why You Might Choose to Charter a Monohull Sailing Vessel

If speed and maneuverability is of utmost priority, a monohull sailing vessel may be the right charter option.  These single hulled vessels can effortlessly cut through the water with more dexterity and at greater speeds than multihull vessels.  The exhilaration of navigating a monohull sailboat is one that many experienced sailors wouldn’t give up.  Heeling, when the boat leans to one side, is an invigorating experience for some.  This cannot be experienced in a more stable multihull vessel.

The choice between monohull and multihull sailing vessel for your sailboat charter depends on the type of experience that you are seeking on this adventure.  Whether you are looking for the spacious quarters of a catamaran or the thrill of adventure that a monohull vessel can offer, Cruzan Yacht Charters has plenty of options to choose from.