A private yacht charter is the perfect venue for any party, from small intimate gatherings of friends to large soirees.  Guests can enjoy their time onboard taking in the sights and landscape of South Florida, from the comfort of your luxury yacht’s deck.  Larger boats are equipped with a dance floor, full bar, and many can even accommodate a live DJ or band for your event.  With everything done for you by the charter company, this takes much of the stress out of your event planning so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party aboard your private yacht.

A Private Yacht is the Perfect Venue for Parties Large and Small

The right luxury yacht for your event will depend on the size of your party.  Luxury yachts can accommodate anywhere from a small gathering of friends to a large party numbering in the hundreds.  Taking your party to sea aboard a private yacht charter is an experience that will be appreciated by everyone onboard.  The many amenities aboard a private yacht ensure that there is something for everyone, from the guest interested in taking in the scenery while relaxing on the deck to those looking to enjoy cocktails and dancing during their time onboard.

By choosing a private yacht for your party venue, you can rest assured knowing that everyone will enjoy their time on the open water.  The details leading up to the departure will be managed by the yacht crew and charter company, taking much of the party planning stress off of the host.

An Attentive Crew and Onboard Chef Ensure That Your Party Goes Perfectly

Most of the time when throwing a party or event, the host is too busy attending to the needs of their guests to enjoy themselves.  With a private yacht charter, your onboard crew can make sure that all your guests are well taken care of.  In addition, the onboard chef will make sure all the meals are prepared to the liking of the party attendees based on a menu that is determined ahead of time.  This type of full-service care while onboard a luxury yacht charter will take your party to the next level.

Cruzan Yacht Charters offers a variety of private yacht charters, ready to accommodate events of any size.  Contact us at 305-858-2822 to find the perfect luxury yacht for your next party.