A private yacht charter of South Florida is a great vacation option, from a day charter to a weeklong adventure on the open waters.  The amenities and activities that come with your private boat make this a great option for people of all ages, including families with young children.  The novelty of a vacation on the water will not be lost on children.  This, combined with the onboard amenities and plenty of water toys and activities, will make sure that even the most energetic children have a great time when vacationing onboard their own private yacht charter.

Something for All Ages Aboard a Private Yacht Charter

The versatility that a private charter can offer is second to none.  Adults can relax on the deck, enjoying the fresh food created by an onboard chef and adult beverages, all while the children are occupied with the boat’s amenities.  Many luxury yachts come equipped with luxuries that will appeal to children and adults alike.  These include games, Jacuzzi tubs, fishing gear, and a plethora of water toys available for use.  Young families can dabble in water sports that they may have never had the opportunity to try before.  From snorkeling and water skiing to wake boards and kayaks, many private yacht charters have plenty of water toys at your disposal during your family’s time at sea.

Creating a Custom Itinerary with Your Family in Mind

Beyond the onboard activities, families can set a custom itinerary for their yacht charter vacation.  This can include anchoring near South Florida, the Caribbean, or BVI’s many beaches to finding a location to explore nearby coral reef and optimal snorkeling destinations.  A vacation itinerary that is crafted with your family in mind can go a long way to making sure that everyone has a memorable vacation.

In addition, creating your own meal plan for your time at sea, specific to the tastes of your family, can take away much of the stress that can go along with traveling with young children.  The onboard chef can put together some of your children’s favorite meals, while preparing a fancier soiree for the adults.  Everyone will be happy and satisfied with this ability to customize mealtimes, no matter how picky an eater.

A private yacht charter is a truly unique vacation for everyone of all ages.  Families can make memories together during their time onboard, giving young children a vacation on the water that they will remember forever.