The Caribbean is a popular tourist destination, but it can get very crowded during peak season.  Visiting this area by private yacht charter can take your experience up to a whole different level.  Some sights of the Caribbean are only able to be experienced from the water, including this area’s unique sea life and coral reef.  A private yacht can take you to areas of the Caribbean that are off the beaten path, giving you an opportunity for seclusion and privacy away from the crowds that this tropical area can draw.

It isn’t any wonder that the Caribbean draws tourists from all over the world with its soft sandy beaches, crystalline turquoise water, and warm sunshine.  The crowds can be a disadvantage for the area, which is where a private yacht charter has significant advantages.  From visiting the sixty islands and cays that make up the British Virgin Islands to St Barts and St Martin, visiting the Caribbean aboard a luxury yacht charter should not be missed.

Plenty of Activities to Enjoy from a Private Boat Visiting the Caribbean

There are plenty of water activities that can be enjoyed from a luxury yacht charter.  Many boats come equipped with amenities that range from snorkeling gear and jet skis to fishing equipment and kayaks.  These allow you to enjoy the oceanic beauty of the Caribbean in a secluded space.  Whether you dock near the shore or choose to idle with water all around, this is a great opportunity to absorb all the beauty that the Caribbean has to offer.

Caribbean Destinations When Visiting Via Yacht Charter

The Caribbean is an area rich with culture, unique shopping, and night life.  Arriving by private yacht can get you to the perfect area for absorbing everything that the Caribbean has to offer.  Consider visiting the largest island in a volcanic chain among the British Virgin Islands, Tortola.  Here you can explore ruins of forgotten forts and mines or hike the nearby nature reserves.  If you are looking for an area that is plentiful with nightlife, St Barts may be the ideal destination for your private charter.  This area boasts a mix of Caribbean and French history with plenty of restaurants and shopping options.

The Caribbean offers plenty of opportunities for visitors, whether you are looking to just enjoy the beaches or experience the culture.  A luxury yacht charter is a great way to experience this, enjoying time both on and off the boat.

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