While it is possible to get seasick aboard any boat, making sure your luxury yacht charter is on the larger side can make a difference.  The nausea associated with seasickness is caused by the rocking motion of the water.  Today’s power luxury yachts are equipped with stabilizers and structural design to reduce this rocking motion.  Multi-hulled catamarans are known for their stability on the water, making these a great charter choice for anyone that may be concerned about seasickness.

Heading out in your luxury yacht charter on a day with pleasant weather and calmer waters can reduce the risk of you or your guests experiencing seasickness.  The less the boat is rocking by the movement of the water, the less chance of feeling the effects in your body.

The Best Ways to Prevent Seasickness Aboard a Private Charter

Even if you do experience seasickness on boats, this does not mean that your dream of spending time aboard a private charter cannot be a reality.  There are plenty of choices for treating seasickness, even before it happens, and reducing the chance that you will experience nausea during your time onboard.  Over the counter drugs, patches, and even bracelets can minimize the effect of the boat’s motion on your body.

If you do experience seasickness, stay near the middle of the boat where the motion of the vessel will be greatly minimized.  Avoid reading or watching electronics when you have these feelings of nausea, as this can exacerbate the problem.  Position yourself so that you are in the direction that the boat is heading, sitting backwards or sideways can make the problem worse.  Keeping your stomach full of bland foods can also ease the nausea that goes along with seasickness.  Crackers, pretzels, and popcorn are great options.  Bubbly beverages such as sparkling water or a clear soft drink can also help to make you feel better.

The key is to not dwell on these feelings of seasickness, but instead to distract your mind.  Fortunately, there are plenty of amenities onboard a private yacht charter to distract you.  Your body will adjust, and these feelings will pass, allowing you to fully enjoy your time at sea.