One of the best venues for a party is a private boat on the water.  Your guests can enjoy the sights and scenes or the ocean, all while basking in the sun.  Luxury yachts also have plenty of amenities onboard, from water toys and personal watercrafts to games and deck side Jacuzzis.  There is never a dull moment for your guests on a yacht boat.  This makes this an ideal space for your next event.  Whether planning a birthday party, wedding, reunion, or just a get together with friends, booking a private boat charter of South Florida will make planning the party easier than you can even imagine.

Boat Charters Offer Plenty of Amenities for Your Event

One of the advantages of booking a private charter is that your guests will have access to all the amenities available aboard the yacht.  All yachts vary with what options are available, but some of these amenities may include water inflatables, swim platform, fishing gear, jet skis, kayaks, water skis, and much more.  For those guests looking to stay a little dryer aboard the boat, there are plenty of amenities on the deck and throughout the boat.  These include Wi-Fi, sound and entertainment systems, a wide selection of board games, and relaxing lounge chairs.

Dining and Beverage Options Aboard to Fit Your Event

Another big stressor when planning a party is the food and beverage options.  This is once more where a boat charter makes planning easy.  Many private yachts have their own onboard chef, ready to prepare meals for your guests.  Large events can include waitstaff and full bartender service to ensure that your guests are happy and that your party is a success.  All the meals can be planned prior to departing the port, taking into consideration any guests’ dietary restrictions or preferences.  You can be assured that the meals during your time onboard will be fresh and delicious.

By celebrating your next event onboard a luxury yacht charter, you can be sure that everything will be taken care of for you.  The peace of mind knowing that your guests will be happy and entertained throughout the event is priceless.  When looking for an event that is easy to plan with guaranteed success, turn to the one-of-a-kind venue of a private yacht.

Cruzan Yacht Charters offers a variety of luxury yachts perfect for hosting a special event.  Whether you are expecting a smaller intimate group or guests numbering in the hundreds, we can find the right private yacht charter for your party.