Many boaters dream about a vacation aboard a private sailing yacht, navigating the serenity of the open waters.  Chartering your own private yacht can be the adventure of a lifetime, away from civilization with just the warm waters of the ocean on all sides.  This is the ultimate way to disconnect from the rigors of everyday life, exploring all that the open water has to offer.  Manning your own vessel is an experience that many sailors dream about, from creating the trip’s itinerary to packing the necessities and navigating the vessel.  Experienced sailors can put their skills to the test with a sailing charter of South Florida and beyond.

Choosing Your Sailboat Charter Destination

Many of the greatest sights and treasures of South Florida, the Bahamas, BVIs and beyond can only be accessed by boat.  When planning a vacation aboard a sailboat, this means that these more obscure destinations are at your fingertips.  Experience all of the sea life, marine animals, and unique vegetation that the area can offer.  With your own sailboat charter, you can plan an itinerary that is a perfect fit for you.  Find a particularly serene area?  Stop for a swim, enjoy some time snorkeling or kayaking, or throw in a line for some deep sea fishing.  A sailboat vacation can be the exact experience that you have always dreamed about.  This is a perfect vacation for boat lovers, from those who love to plan out every moment to the more spontaneous vacationer waiting for the right mood to strike.

Preparing for a Sailing Vacation is Part of the Fun

When you think of prepping for other vacations, you likely think about the arduous task of compiling everything to pack and trying to work out a tedious itinerary to keep everyone happy.  Unlike traditional vacations, preparing for a sailing yacht charter offers its own unique experience and fun.  With your guests, plan those must-see destinations, charting the course for the sailboat.  Preparations, including planning onboard meals and packing the necessities, can add to the excitement and anticipation.

A sailing yacht charter is an adventure that should not be missed by boating enthusiasts.  Cruzan Yacht Charters offers plenty of sailboat charters, both crewed and bareboat, for your next adventure.