A catamaran is simply a term used for a boat with two hulls.  These boats are available as sailing vessels or power boats.  Catamarans come in a variety of sizes and are used for many different activities, including day sailing, cruising, and fishing.  Today’s catamarans are typically made with fiberglass or carbon fiber with a bridge deck connecting the boat’s two hulls.  This design, with the boat’s two hulls set far apart, offers greater stability that reduces seasickness and offers those onboard a feeling of greater stability when on open water.

The Advantages of Catamaran Boats

Boats with multiple hulls offer distinct advantages, including more space than their monohull counterparts.  On average a catamaran has about 20% more space than single-hulled vessels.  This smeans more deck space, as well as interior space for cabins.  The rolling when under sail or powered by engines seen with many other boat types is greatly reduced with a catamaran.  The two hulls on either side of the vessel offer greater stability, which can add to the boating comfort of everyone onboard.  Catamarans are known for their maneuverability, particularly in shallower water and are more fuel-efficient despite their two engines.

Choosing Between a Sailing and Power Catamaran Charter

The decision whether to charter a sailing catamaran or a power cat depends on what you are looking to get out of your adventure.  Smaller sailing catamarans can offer tranquility and peace while in the open ocean.  Larger sailing catamarans can give the same feel from a sailing vessel, with peace and tranquility when onboard, while still being able to cover distance cruising.  Regardless of their size, a sailing catamaran is a great bareboat charter for the experienced sailor.

For those looking to cover much more distance during a shorter time with their yacht charter, a power cat is the way to go.  The bigger motors mean these power catamarans can reach top speeds on open water.  Smaller power catamarans are also available, perfect for fishing trips or just for cruising around with passengers.  The space offered with these power boats has made them a fan favorite when chartering a luxury yacht.

Cruzan Yacht Charters offers a wide range of catamarans, including sailing and power, for charter. Contact us to find the perfect fit for your next trip on the water.