The sleeping accommodations aboard a luxury yacht charter are surprisingly spacious and accommodating.  Depending on the boat, you will find sleeping quarters with queen beds and single sleeper rooms with twin beds or bunkbeds.  The experience of sleeping aboard a luxury yacht charter while powering through the open waters of South Florida is one that cannot be missed.  The waves of the ocean will gently rock you to sleep and the comforts of the sleeping quarters will ensure that you have a great night’s rest. 

Choosing the Right Size Yacht Charter for Your Guests

Each private yacht is different in size, amenities, and accommodations.  You will also find that each boat will have its own capacity for guests, often based on the sleeping quarters available.  This is typically one or more master bedrooms, with a larger bed for couples, and smaller sleeping quarters that are ideal for singles and children.  The sleeping quarters are furnished with beds that have all the pillows and blankets that you will need to guarantee a peaceful and relaxing slumber.  From identical twin beds across from one another to the novelty of sleeping on a bunk bed on a private boat, your guests are sure to find just the right sleeping quarters to ensure that they are comfortable and well taken care of during their time at sea.

A Room with a View Aboard Your Private Yacht

What really makes the sleeping arrangements aboard a private yacht unlike any other is the view.  Many private boats have outside windows in the sleeping quarters that allow you to take in all the passing scenery and picturesque sunsets and sunrises that will take your breath away.  Falling asleep and waking to the beauty of the open ocean is something that not many people get to experience.  Chartering a private yacht allows you and your guests to revel in the beauty of nature and the open ocean, as you drift to sleep and awake in the morning to begin your day.

Cruzan Yacht Charters has a variety of private boats available.  With hundreds of boats to choose from, you are sure to find a boat with the ideal sleeping arrangements for you and your guests.