The number of onboard guests that a private yacht charter can accommodate varies based on the size of the boat and the sleeping quarters.  This can range from intimate groups of two to hundreds of guests that larger luxury yachts are equipped to handle for events like weddings, birthday celebrations and reunions.  Guests that number in the hundreds would not have sleeping accommodations for everyone, but these larger boats can handle many partygoers for a special event on the water.

When Choosing Your Boat Charter, Consider the Number of Guests

Luxury yacht charters come in a variety of sizes, from those that offer more intimate quarters, with sleeping areas for your guests to stay onboard for long periods of time, to larger party boats that are designed to celebrate an occasion with a larger group.  The smaller boats can handle anywhere from two guests to over a dozen, with sleeping arrangements available to make sure everyone is comfortable day and night.  Party yachts and those boat charters for larger celebrations often feature large dining areas, ballrooms, and plenty of deck side lounging for guests that can even number well over one hundred. 

The private yacht charter that you choose will depend on how many guests you anticipate, ensuring that there is enough room for everyone to comfortably enjoy their time onboard.  Each yacht has a maximum occupants listed, based on the boat’s square footage, and sleeping quarters when pertinent.

For a Larger Celebration, Consider a Party Yacht

Celebrations aboard a private yacht charter are a truly memorably way to commemorate an event.  From weddings and family reunions to a milestone birthday, the guest list for these types of celebrations can easily number fifty to one hundred, or even more.  Party yachts and large charter boats are designed to accommodate these large number of guests, with plenty of room for eating, dancing, and celebrating with friends and family.

Cruzan Yacht Charters can help to find just the right boat charter for you and your guests, depending on the size of your party.  Whether you are looking for a more intimate gathering of friends or a large celebration on the water, we can help find the perfect yacht.