There are many things to consider when choosing a private yacht charter.  Some of the most important are the trip dates, port of departure and itinerary for your time on the water.  Consider whether you are looking for a day trip, several days, or a full week out on the water.  Depending on the time frame, your luxury yacht may be able to dock at scenic beaches, giving you and your guests time to explore the nearby area.  Beyond this, the boat should be chosen based on the size of your group to ensure that everyone has accommodations, as well as the onboard amenities that will best suit your guests.

When considering the amenities that you want onboard your luxury yacht, it can be helpful to create a list.  Label each item under a “must have”, “would like” or “not important”.  This will help you to narrow down the selection of available yachts even further.

Destination Is an Important Decision When Choosing Your Luxury Yacht

Some private boats are designated for certain areas, such as those that cruise the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, or even up the coastline to New England.  Choosing a destination for your trip at sea will help to identify the boats most appropriate for your trip.

Number of Guests and Accommodations for Your Private Yacht

Determining how many guests will be onboard with you will further narrow down the yachts that will meet your needs.  Each yacht will have a set of accommodations, stating how many guests the boat can hold.  These specifications include sleeping quarters, as well as bathrooms. 

Amenities to Consider When Choosing Your Luxury Yacht

Once you have narrowed down the selection by destination and the size of your party, you can further look at the amenities available with each boat charter.  Each private yacht has its own onboard amenities.  These can include everything from a Jacuzzi tub to water skis, paddleboards, and other fun toys for your time at sea.

A yacht charter company, like Cruzan Yacht Charters, can help you to find that perfect boat for your next adventure.  For assistance finding your next private charter, contact us at 305-858-2822.