When you spend time aboard a private yacht charter, the view and relaxing atmosphere may be enough for many people to be content during their entire time at sea.  Others are looking for more activities to do during their time aboard.  A luxury yacht can fulfill both, with plenty of onboard activities to keep you and your guests busy.  In addition to the yacht’s abundance of features, many of these private boats are equipped with their own set of water toys readily available for guests to use.  This means that all your guests can feel content, making the most of their time at sea.

Onboard Amenities Include Deck Side Seating, Jacuzzi and BBQ

Every luxury yacht is different, with its own amenities and features that make it unique.  These may include things like comfortable deck side seating, loungers on the deck, or even an eating area out in the open so that your guests can make the most of the ocean air.  Other amenities for a private yacht may include a Jacuzzi, BBQ, deck side shower and onboard games.  All of these are meant to make sure your guests have a wonderful time from the moment they step onboard the luxury charter.

Water Toys, Swimming and So Much More from Aboard Your Luxury Yacht

Many of the luxury yachts featured by Cruzan Yacht Charters also come with their own set of water toys, to be enjoyed in the open water.  These can include water skis, wakeboards, paddleboards, jets skis and even a sailing dinghy for exploring nearby beaches and islands.  Other boats come equipped with water slides, swimming platforms and a variety of beach toys and fishing gear that are all readily accessible.  Guests are welcome to use any of these water toys and other amenities that come with your private boat, ensuring that your time onboard is enjoyable and memorable.

Since every yacht charter is unique in the available amenities, water toys and boat features, a yacht charter company like Cruzan Yacht Charters can help you to find the perfect yacht for you and your guests.  To see a complete list of our fleet, visit https://cruzan.com/.