The amenities on a luxury yacht charter vary from boat to boat.  The larger boats may offer spa services, including onboard massages and facials, that rival the finest resorts.  Some boats have their own personal water slide, allowing guests to enjoy not only their time in the water but have fun getting there.  All private yachts offer the finest view around, where you can relax in comfort and enjoy the sea air.  Boats also include onboard dining, many with a chef to prepare the meals to your own personal tastes.

All of the Amenities to Make Your Time Onboard a Special Occasion

A private yacht charter offers the highest luxury around, with by far the most scenic view.  During their time onboard, guests can enjoy the comforts of a luxury yacht.  This includes deck-side lounging in comfortable, reclining chairs, with optional cocktail service, ambiance filled lounges and comfortable beds for sleeping.  Some boats also include onboard hot tubs located on the deck and spa treatments at your beck and call.

Luxury yachts feature the highest entertainment capabilities, equipped with the most modern technology.  This includes satellite tv in the lounge and in each personal stateroom, as well as games that range from old-fashioned board games to the latest video game technology.

Beyond the Boat, Enjoying Your Time Playing in the Water

One of the joys of chartering a private yacht is having the ocean at your disposal.  Yachts carry plenty of water toys for guests to enjoy.  These include everything from snorkeling gear to jet skis and water inflatables.  To maximize your time at sea, you can enjoy the onboard amenities while being able to drop anchor and enjoy the water whenever you like. 

With so many amenities available, a luxury yacht is perfect for that fast-paced vacationer looking to fill every minute while also an ideal experience for someone just looking for a little R&R during their time at sea.

Cruzan Yacht Charters offers plenty of luxury boats for vacationers to choose from.  We will make sure that your boat has the amenities that are important to you and your guests.  For a complete listing of Cruzan Yacht Charters’ boats visit