The experience to climb aboard a private yacht, jetting through the Bahamas, South Florida or British Virgin Islands, offers you a trip away that is truly unique.  Beyond the amenities that a luxury boat has to offer, you can set your own itinerary for the trip, catering the time at sea and destinations to the wishes of you and your guests.  The ability to create this type of customized itinerary makes a trip aboard a private yacht truly unique.

Work with Suggested Itineraries or Create a Trip Just for You

The ability to create a unique trip, customized to your guests’ preferences is what makes the experience of a private charter one of a kind.  From the destinations that you visit to your time spent at sea, your itinerary can be entirely customized.  If you feel overwhelmed planning an itinerary from scratch, there are a number of itineraries already available that can be customized for your preferences and the duration of time that you would like to spend aboard.

A Fleet of Boats with Their Own Set of Amenities

Beyond the destinations, the private yacht itself can be chosen from a full fleet based on the amenities and accommodations of each.  Every luxury yacht is unique in its accommodations and onboard luxuries, from jacuzzi hot tubs to a dance floor and full-service cocktail bar.  Not only can the itinerary be carefully planned out for your guests, the luxury yacht of your choosing can also be hand-selected. 

Cruzan Yacht Charters offers a wide variety of private yacht charters for guests to choose from.  No two luxury boats are the same, with a variety of amenities for guests to consider when choosing the right boat for their private charter.

The ability to create a unique itinerary that is entirely customized for you and your guests takes the experience of a luxury yacht to a whole new level.

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