The COVID-19 pandemic has made celebrations, both large and small, challenging this year with restrictions on large groups across the country.  However, this doesn’t have to mean that you and your family and friends can’t celebrate life’s events.  A private yacht charter is a great way to celebrate, while still social distancing with a stunning background, all while secluded at sea.

Private Yacht Charter Offers a Great Way to Celebrate

Whether a wedding, anniversary, birthday or some other of life’s more important milestones, there are few ways to have an intimate gathering with family and friends that are more exhilarating and memorable than onboard a private yacht charter.  While at sea, you can enjoy all of the amenities of a luxury yacht while taking in the sights that South Florida and the Bahamas has to offer. 

Celebrate with an Intimate Group in South Florida and the Bahamas

A private yacht charter of South Florida and the Bahamas allows you and your guests to see the sights from an entirely new perspective.  Viewing the nearby Miami skyline from the open ocean onboard your own private charter is second to none and the opportunity to see this while celebrating with friends and family is a true experience.

With Cruzan Yacht Charters, you and your guests can enjoy the many amenities that our private yachts have to offer, from fine dining and beverage service to Jacuzzi tubs.  Guests can rest on deck, enjoying the sights, or enjoy one another’s company in the lounge below-deck.  To make the time onboard even more special, live music or a DJ and dancing will entertain your guests well into the night. 

For a truly memorable gathering with your closest friends, a private yacht charter with Cruzan Yacht Charters is an experience that will last a lifetime.

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