A private charter on a luxury boat is a true all-inclusive way to vacation.  Your trip includes usage of the private boat and all of the amenities that come with it, including deck-side seating, bedding, towels and linens and the use of Jacuzzi hot tubs.  The onboard crew, which ranges in size based on the boat, meals, beverage service, and snacks are also often included. 

Onboard Amenities Included in Your Private Yacht

When you rent a private charter, the yacht’s onboard amenities will be at your disposal.  These often include a dining and lounge area, deck-side seating and full use of the bedrooms and bathrooms.  Many of these rooms have exterior views so that you and your guests can enjoy the scenery from almost anywhere onboard.  Fresh linens and towels are included during your stay.

Food and Beverage Service During Your Time Onboard

Prior to setting out on the open water aboard your yacht charter, you will designate a meal service for you and your guests to enjoy during the time on the water.  This can be anywhere from sit-down meals to snacks and buffet options or a combination of all of these.  An onboard chef and other staff will be available to prepare the foods, setting up and cleaning as well.

Beverages can range from a self-serve station of coffee, tea and soda to a fully staffed bar serving cocktails and other adult drinks for your guests to order.  The meal and beverage service will be decided on when reserving your yacht charter.  This can be as simple or as formal as you desire, with your guests being assured to have plenty of food and beverages at their disposal during their time on the boat.

The many amenities that a private yacht charter has to offer makes this a trip that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.  Whether celebrating a special occasion or just looking to get together with friends and family, a private yacht charter is a great option.