While states are beginning to ease restrictions, social distancing is still recommended.  This is a growing challenge for many that have already been stuck indoors for months to protect their health.  One of the best ways to social distance, while still enjoying some time away is with a luxury yacht charter.  The ultimate in seclusion and privacy, a yacht charter can offer you the best of all worlds, safety and exclusion while still enjoying yourself and seeing the stunning sights.

A Private Yacht is the Perfect Solution to Cabin Fever

As the warm Florida weather sets in, many are left looking for safe outlets for entertainment to enjoy the summer months.  One great option is a private boat touring Miami, the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands. 

The sights alone aboard a private yacht charter, seeing all that the open water has to offer, are enough to keep you and your guests enthralled.  Add to that the many amenities that a luxury yacht has onboard, from five-star dining and a full-service bar to a dance floor and Jacuzzi tubs, and you and your guests will be able to isolate on the water in style.

Celebrate a Special Event with a Small Group of Friends and Family

This can be a particularly difficult time for those celebrating a special event or milestone.  Whether an engagement, wedding, birthday or other special event, a private yacht charter can make this a truly special experience.  You can celebrate your time aboard with close friends and family, enjoying all that a luxury yacht has to offer.  This will make your special event a truly memorable experience, while still adhering to any social distancing restrictions and celebrating safely.

There are few ways to ease the restlessness of the quarantine, while still adhering to social distancing protocols, more relaxing or breathtaking than from aboard a luxury yacht charter.

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