At Cruzan Yacht Charters, like many other individuals and businesses in the South Florida community, we are struggling to get through this difficult time.  It is important to remember that this storm will pass and as a nation and a community, we will once again resume our everyday lives.  Events that were canceled will be rescheduled and businesses will once again open their doors.

A Shout-Out to the Medical Professionals and Many Others

The COVID-19 pandemic is a time when we are seeing the best in people.  From healthcare professionals to emergency personnel and the military, many are giving of themselves to help others through this challenging time.  We thank all of these individuals for their dedication and commitment to fighting the spread of the virus.  Together, we will be able to defeat this virus and ultimately resume our lives.

The shining star out of this is the ways we are seeing Americans pull together to get through this difficult time.  Neighbors are offering to purchase groceries for those immune-compromised.  Those that are working from home or have been laid off temporarily are using their skills to make masks, ensuring that our healthcare professionals and other essential workers are protected.  The beauty of people helping one another is something to truly appreciate.

At Cruzan Yacht Charters, We Will Sail Again

While many anticipated events in South Florida have been canceled to protect our community, rest assured that these will be rescheduled when it is safe.  As a South Florida community and the nation as whole, we will defeat the COVID-19 virus, restoring our lives and coming out stronger as a result.

Keep in mind that these challenging times will not last forever and that we will, together, beat this virus that has altered our way of life so drastically right now.  The best course of action is to take the necessary precautions being set to inhibit the spread of the virus.

Stay safe and practice vigilance to keep others around you safe as well.