The amenities on a private yacht charter offer plenty of options for you and your guests to do while onboard.  While the options may vary from yacht to yacht, there are plenty of choices for spending your time onboard, from lounging on the deck and jacuzzi hot tubs to five-star meals.  Beyond the amenities on the boat itself, your guests can enjoy a variety of water activities, including swimming and snorkeling.

Choose Activities that Work for You and Your Guests

One of the nice things about having a private yacht charter is that the activities are based off of what interests you and your guests.  If you would prefer some relaxing time basking in the sun or spending an evening in the lounge enjoying a cocktail, the facilities and staff are ready and waiting.  Your private steward can ensure that everything is to your liking and that your guests are well attended to.

If you and your guests would prefer a more active time spent on your yacht charter, you can grab a dip in the surrounding ocean.  Snorkeling from a private yacht charter is an experience not to be missed, with many types of sea life that cannot be seen in the shallow waters of a beach.

Best of Both Worlds, Activities and Relaxing on Your Private Boat

In many cases the itinerary of your yacht charter can be designed for your preferences and those of your guests.  This can mean docking to explore Nassau or some other island by day, to return to the luxury and privacy of your boat in the evening.  A private yacht charter is an experience that lets you truly customize your vacation to your style and desires.  You can have the privacy of the amenities that your yacht has to offer, while also enjoying the water and the picturesque beaches.

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