Given the recent situation, more and more people are looking for ways to avoid large crowds and gatherings.  This doesn’t mean that even those individuals that are in excellent health need to stay in the confines of their home.  A private yacht charter is a great way to see the sights of South Florida, the Bahamas and beyond in seclusion and privacy away from the crowds.

A Luxury Yacht Charter is Perfect for an Intimate Gathering

A luxury boat offers plenty of decadence for everyone, from an onboard chef preparing meals exactly to your tastes, to a steward that can ensure your needs are being met around the clock.  There are few ways to enjoy a vacation in luxury more than onboard a private yacht.  Enjoy your time onboard with your guests in this private and intimate setting as you take in all of the beauty that the sea has to offer.

Cruise South Florida or the Islands of the Bahamas in Style

Your private yacht charter will set sail from South Florida.  Whether you choose to spend your time exploring the coast of Florida or travel to the many islands of the Bahamas, this is a trip that you will never forget.  Sights from the land simply don’t compare to what you can see from the water.  Guests can take in the stunning fish and other sea life, while relaxing on their private boat.

Just imagine sitting on the deck in a comfortable lounge chair with cocktails or snacks that are specially prepared for you and your guests.  A private yacht charter allows you to do just that, with the company of only friends and family.

This spring and summer, skip the vacationing crowds and book a luxury boat with Cruzan Yacht Charters.  From party boats and sailing vessels to power boats, our fleet is second to none.  See a complete listing of the boats available at