When most people think of the Bahamas they think of Nassau, which is a great location for a luxury yacht charter.  There is much more to the Bahamas, which is comprised of over 700 islands.  While Nassau is certainly a sight not to be missed, from aboard a private yacht charter there are many other coral-based islands that add to the beauty of this area.  From a luxury yacht, you and your guests can see the beauty and the many sights that Nassau and all of the islands of the Bahamas have to offer.

A Private Boat Allows You to Take in All of the Sights of the Bahamas

The best way to see what the many islands of the Bahamas have to offer is by private charter.  This way you can take in the beauty that each unique island has to offer.  With miles of beautiful beaches, guests can revel in the untouched nature of some of the uninhabited islands.  Then sail into the populated areas of Nassau and Grand Bahama Island.  The flexibility of a private boat allows you and your guests to plan your trip to the Bahamas according to what you want to see.

Lush Vegetation and Unique Animals Add to the Appeal of the Bahamas

The many islands that make up the Bahamas each have their own unique characteristics.  From miles of beautiful beaches to pink sand and rich vegetation, a trip by luxury yacht is an opportunity to experience the Bahamas like never before.  The views from the water allow you to peek into the natural setting that the islands have to offer, without disturbing the native wildlife. 

Beyond the view of the intricate chain of islands, the water surrounding the area offers its own one-of-a-kind experience.  From colorful fish and sea turtles to crabs and spiny lobsters, the open water of the Bahamas is a unique destination in itself.

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