A private yacht charter is an experience in itself, touring the open water in luxury.  Paired with the variety of dining services that are offered, this is a luxury that your guests will enjoy indulging in.  The meal service for your yacht charter is planned ahead of time, making this entirely customized for your tastes and those of your guests.  Options range from appetizers and cocktails for a black-tie event to a more casual buffet and bar service for a smaller, intimate gathering.

Meal Service Sets the Tone for Your Yacht Charter

The meal service can be designed to closely match the event that you are celebrating.  A sit-down meal is perfect for a wedding, formal engagement party or other life celebration.  Guests can choose their meal from the Captain’s Menu, including hors d’oeuvres, entrée and dessert.  For a more intimate, informal gathering a buffet or brunch may be better suited for the guests onboard.  This meal service is planned before you ever leave the dock, ensuring that you and your guests will be satisfied.

An onboard chef will prepare the meals, making any necessary adjustments based on your guests’ preferences or dietary restrictions.  This level of customization will make the onboard meals truly unique and best-suited for everyone.

Beverage and Cocktail Service Throughout Your Time Onboard

Along with the meal service, there are many beverage and cocktail options to choose from.  For a morning departure, a coffee and tea station can be made available for guests to relax with a warm beverage dock-side.  Cocktails can range from wine service to a full bar available. 

Cruzan  Yacht Charters offers a variety of menus to choose from for your private yacht charter.  See a complete listing of our fleet of private yacht charters at https://cruzan.com/category/luxury-yachts/.