In 2017 the British Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico, were hit by category 5 hurricane, Irma.  The aftermath was devastating for the area, with many buildings destroyed, trees toppled and extended power outages.  Since this time the BVI, which depends heavily on tourism, has worked hard to restore the area to a prime destination.  This work has paid off and today the BVI is once again a top destination spot for tourists.

Resorts, Restaurants and Other Tourist Spots are Flourishing

Not only has the area rebuilt after the hurricane damage, but many of the local attractions have rebuilt with upgrades.  These new accommodations have made this a tourist destination that is better than ever before.  The focus of these renovations has been on offering visitors a top-notch experience when they come to the British Virgin Islands.  The work that it took to restore the area and rebuild has paid off, as this is once again a luxurious destination for tourists.

A Little Piece of Paradise with Plenty of Luxury

The British Virgin Islands offers tourists plenty of luxury with sprawling beaches and accommodations.  Travelers with a penchant for sailing and seclusion, will find few places that beat the BVI as a destination.  The rebuild that the area experienced spared no expense, and today there is plenty to explore in the area’s over 60 islands and cays. 

Explore the BVI in a Private Yacht Charter

The British Virgin Islands are rich with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water.  One of the best ways to maximize your sights, navigating around the many islands, is with a private yacht charter.  Enjoy the amenities that a luxury charter has to offer, while taking in the sights and culture that these newly improved British Virgin Islands have to offer. 

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