The crew aboard a private charter, depending on the size of the vessel, can include the captain, engineer, deck hand, chef, stewards and more.  The price for the crew is included in the private charter cost.  This team is familiar with the boat and its accommodations, making them a great resource during your time onboard.  They are dedicated to making sure that you and your guests have a wonderful trip.

Onboard Crew’s Job is to Operate the Luxury Yacht Charter

While your time at sea can be spent lounging on the deck or enjoying the many amenities that your luxury yacht has to offer, the crew will be driving and navigating the vessel.  Overseeing the operations of the boat is the captain.  The captain is responsible to ensure that the boat is operating properly and on course.  The captain will also make sure that the guests are well cared for and enjoying their time at sea.  Other team members are responsible for ensuring that the boat is operating smoothly, include the engineer and the deck hand.  The crew on your chartered boat are experienced working together and sailing the vessel that you have chartered.

Additional Crew Based on The Needs of You and Your Guests

The number of guests, event and meal choices that you have selected will determine the additional crew that is onboard.  This may include a chef, bartender, and multiple stewards.  If you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary or other event with guests, the meal service may be more extravagant.  An onboard chef can prepare your meal to the preferences of you and your guests, customizing items as necessary.

The size of the boat and the number of guests will determine the number of stewards in the crew.  The steward is responsible for making sure the common areas remain clean and performing administrative duties.  One of the most important roles of the steward is to make sure the guests’ needs are being met.

At Cruzan Yacht Charter we ensure that every vessel’s crew is experienced and professional, and most importantly that they are familiar with the luxury yacht where they will be setting sail with you and your guests.