Mediterranean Yacht Charters

The Mediterranean Sea grants access to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth! The summer season from late May to mid October (give or take a few weeks on either end) offers optimal weather for sailing and cruising around the Mediterranean region, from the European Western Mediterranean and up into the Adriatic Sea, out into the Eastern Mediterranean and down into certain parts of the North African coast. Whether you want to rent a small boat or charter a large yacht, we have the perfect fit to take you to your desired destinations and help make your Mediterranean Sea life dreams come true.

European Western Mediterranean has numerous destinations, from Spain and the Balearic Islands to France, Monaco, and Italy. Popular French destinations include St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes and the island of Corsica. To experience the finest on the west coast of Italy, visit Viareggio in Northern Tuscany, Naples, Sicily and the island of Sardinia. Head north up the Adriatic Sea along the east coast of the Italian peninsula and back down along the Balkan peninsula with desired destinations such as Croatia and Montenegro. The Eastern Mediterranean covers Greece and the Island of Crete, along with many other smaller islands in the surrounding seas, which eventually lead to Turkey and the island of Cyprus. For those who want to adventure into the North African coasts, the countries of Morocco and Tunisia are most welcoming of tourists. Cruzan Yacht Charters can take you where you want to go. Just let us know!

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