If you are looking for a unique and special way to treat your employees, customers, or colleagues, a private yacht charter of South Florida, the Bahamas, and beyond is the perfect answer.  Taking your corporate event to the water, with the many onboard amenities that come with a luxury yacht, will make this a once-in-a-lifetime event.  This is a perfect option for a company looking to invest in their people, giving them an opportunity to take to the warm waters.

A Yacht Charter is an Excellent Opportunity for Corporate Celebrations

Companies looking to recognize an important milestone, from years in business to record sales numbers, can make this an event to remember aboard a luxury yacht charter.  Dancing and celebrations, combined with an onboard DJ or live music, will give everyone onboard a treat, all while enjoying the beauty of the ocean.  For your corporate event, you can choose from a sit-down, five-course meal service to cocktails and appetizers and everything in between. 

Any corporation can rent a function room, a hall, or even an entire facility, but the unique opportunities that go with a corporate event onboard a luxury yacht charter will leave everyone talking.  Gone are the stuffy corporate parties, from formal events to summer outings, a luxury yacht has so many onboard amenities that there is something for everyone.  From relaxing on the deck to sitting in the lounge or enjoying the many water toys that come with a private yacht, your employees will never want to leave.

Building Comradery and Rewarding Your Employees with a Luxury Yacht Charter

The opportunities to use a private charter for your corporate event extend well beyond celebrations for your employees.  This is also a unique opportunity to build comradery among your employees.  A team-building corporate event, taken to the water, can put a spin on your efforts that will fast-track your employees’ ability to connect with one another in the most picturesque setting.  The experience of a private yacht charter is something that your employees can share, giving them a unique bond that will bring them closer as they build memories together.  This is beneficial to your organization in the future, as this shared experience can help your team work more cohesively.

There are so many advantages to a corporate yacht charter, the only difficult question is which yacht is the perfect fit for your event.  Cruzan Yacht Charters has hundreds of luxury boats to choose from, with a team that can help you find the ideal charter.