A luxury yacht charter in South Florida is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family.  The charter price is based on the size of the boat, onboard amenities, rental duration, and the itinerary for your trip.  Included in the flat cost for most private charters are accommodations for guests that are onboard, food and drink, access to the amenities on the boat including water sports and equipment, and fuel costs.  There may be dockage fees and taxes based on your itinerary, but they are often charged separate from the yacht character.

Food, Drink and Other Amenities Included with the Luxury Yacht Charter Rental Cost

The price of your yacht charter includes the food and drink that will be served to guests during their time at sea.  The menu is determined prior to setting sail, often at the time of booking, that will be best for your guests.  Any fees associated with the food and drink are included in the price of the luxury yacht.  Bar fees for alcoholic beverages are often billed separate from the cost of the charter or can be a cash bar, particularly for larger celebrations like a wedding or milestone birthday.

Each luxury yacht has its own set of onboard amenities, from deck side Jacuzzis to swim platforms.  Many of these private boats also come equipped with their own water toys.  This can be everything from stand-up paddle boards and kayaks to Sea Doo and water skis.  These amenities are all readily available for guests, at no additional charge, included with the luxury yacht rental.

Dockage Fees and Taxes are Separate from Your Yacht Rental

Depending on the itinerary for your time on the water, there may be applicable dockage fees and taxes that your boat incurs.  These fees are separate from the yacht rental charge and will be billed as a separate item.  It is also important to remember that when renting a crewed yacht while the crew’s wage is built into the boat rental price, you will want to offer a tip for their service.

A South Florida luxury yacht is a great way to celebrate with friends and family.  With food, drink, and the many boat amenities included in the rental price, you can be sure that you will not be hit with surprise charges after your time at sea.